Our Crew

Our crew is our family.  We encourage this because it's nice to know more about our pilots and ground personnel than what would be on their resume.  Having a small business has enabled us to get to know each and every one of them like a part of our own family.

Each one of our pilots brings a unique set of experience and traits to our company but the one major component that they all have in common is their safety standards.  The safety of our crew is impeccable,  When our team goes on a mission, we love being able to feel comfortable and confident that the job will get done well the first time, and that you will be as happy with our specially chosen team members as we are!

Josh Tripp

Chief Pilot

Josh is a native born local Montanan. He has owned his own businesses since before he was 18 and some included subcontracting work for logging and helicopter operations. Josh knew after working under helicopters that he wanted to long line out of Huey's and attended flight school in Hamilton MT. As soon as he could, Josh started training with Bart Colantuono in Hueys. Josh had all the right experiences and skills that blended together to make him excel in this industry.

Although helicopters are like home for Josh, he also enjoys fishing, hunting, lake sports, snowmobiling and helping raise his family of five children. He is very friendly, easy to get along with and professional, giving everyone around him a sense of security and trust in him. He is confident about what he knows and is honest about what he doesn't know.

Josh is a CFI, and has experience flying long lines in Alaska, as well as through out the lower 48 and Mexico. He is an exceptional utility pilot with outstanding experience in both precision and production long line work. He knows how to make an operation run smoothly and will do what it takes it ensure the overall success of a job, and continued safety. We give Josh credit for the repeat business he brings us from all the jobs that he flies on. His remarkable business and mechanical sense, coupled with his desire to please, his motivation and determination has made him one of the greatest assets to our company.

Josh was featured in 2009 on Season 3 of the Axmen series on the History Channel.

Lindsay Myers


Lindsay is from the northwest where he stays busy with his two sons when he's not flying.
He knew at by the age of 18 that he wanted to fly helicopters, but he waited until after his career as a professional racquetball player on the US pro circuit to receive his helicopter ratings in Canada. Lindsay still finds time in his busy career to stay active, work out, and play sports. He may seem reserved or shy when you first meet or work with him but it's because he knows his job well and takes flying seriously. He is very sure of himself and is a typical type A personality pilot who is an ultra perfectionist. He is very orderly, reliable and strict with himself and his flying.

Lindsay is a high time utility pilot who came to us with extensive experience in numerous types of aircraft of all sizes, and unbeatable long lining experience across the country and Canada. His expertise has made him a solid, very predictable and exceptionally safe pilot with the ability to handle any lift job that he encounters.

He has proven he can fly anywhere on any job for any length of time and still maintain his profound long line skills and utmost safety of the entire crew and ground personnel.

Lindsay says there is one secret that he believes makes the helicopter fly and what the long line does. It's one of most important tools in the mechanics service trailer and that's a really good mug of strong hot coffee!

Tori Throop


Tori is a spit fire and has been a pilot for 1/3 of her life. She was born and raised in Montana in a family run outfitting business and grew up flying airplanes with her father and brother. She has known and told everyone since she was 6 years old that she wanted to be a helicopter pilot. Tori got her airplane license at age 19 but it didn't quench her desire to fly rotorcrafts. Tori moved to Hamilton Mt for flight school where she finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of flying helicopters and also earned a bachelors degree in Helicopter Aviation.

Aside from her love of aviation, her other hobbies are working with cutting horses and dogs, lion hunting, shooting, and snowmobiling. Tori's has a 4 year old son who takes a lot after her and is just as excited and enthusiastic about helicopters as she is.

Tori also works for R&R doing helicopter operations and USFS firefighting project management.
Just as Bart Colantuono had done for Josh, they both did for Tori. They introduced her to Huey's and the utility helicopter industry and trained her each step of the way into her long line career. We are proud to employ another pilot that Bart has passed his skills and knowledge to.