About Us

R&R Conner Aviation

R&R Conner Aviation is a family owned and operated helicopter operation.  It began in the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains of Western Montana.

In August 2005 R&R Conner Aviation, LLC was formed.  The company purchased a 1963 UH-1 Super B helicopter, hired a top notch Mechanic Mike Ragenovich and a renowned Helicopter Logging Pilot Bart Colantuono and started Heli-Logging. 

With the huge success of the new operation locally, repeat customers and word of mouth marketing, we immediately had more demand for our services that required us to add another Huey to our fleet.
Each year, we have grown and expanded our lift operations to fit the needs of the people across North American who utilize our services.

In 2012, we upgraded one of our helicopters to a new higher performance engine to meet our customers' needs at extreme high altitudes and hot temperatures.

We are happy to be one of the few utility helicopter companies that works anywhere on nearly any utility job year round!

Our crew is like family and we all personally welcome you to call us for any of your Utility Helicopter needs!

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